Digital Marketing Case Studies

Enter to Win Contests

Enter to Win

Pepsi + Tostitos

This campaign combined traditional marketing efforts of Pepsi and Tostitos while providing a digital interactive marketing platform for customers. Weekly prizes were given away in the 49 days leading up to the Super Bowl.
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Deman Capture

Demand Capture

LaunchPad by SocialWhirled

SocialWhirled leveraged the power of search engine marketing with Google AdWords to drive traffic to a digital campaign on its own marketing platform to promote and generate leads for its new self-serve product offering.
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Geolocation Services



SocialWhirled’s technology gave McDonald’s brand consistency across the social, mobile, and digital landscape while incentivizing consumers to take advantage of a special offer at the closest restaurant.
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Customer Surveys

Survey & Data Capture

Red Mountain Resort

Using SocialWhirled’s integrated survey functionality, Red Mountain Resort in Utah was able to gain detailed insights into the vacation habits of customers across the country engaged with the campaign.
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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership


Intel used the SocialWhirled platform to generate awareness for their Intel IT Advisor’s program and simultaneously capture high quality leads for their B2B product offerings.
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User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC)


SocialWhirled’s digital execution added another layer to Pepsi’s exisiting promotional efforts with the Pepsi Taste Challenge. User generated content allowed Pepsi’s customers to humanize and promote the brand for them.
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Cobranded Marketing

Hashtag Gallery

Pepsi + L&L BBQ

In a partnership with L&L BBQ, Pepsi used the SocialWhirled platform with Instagram hashtags to increase customer engagement with their brands, whilst simulatenously generating awareness of L&L BBQ.
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Social Media Referrals

Social Referral


Macy’s Credit and Customer Services used SocialWhirled’s platform to create a simple hiring campaign with a clear call to action: ‘Apply Today’. The social, mobile, and digital functionality delivered leads quickly and effectively.
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